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Starter Pack - Current account for individuals

Get to know the benefits Start of the service package I get off to a great start cooperation.

Advantages of the Start package of services

The start package contains all the basic banking services you need, taking into account your budget. For only 250 dinars per month in your Start package account, you get: • Dinar current account • Foreign currency current account (EUR, USD, CHF) • Debit card - DinaCard debit card • MasterCard debit card • Electronic banking and mobile banking • Standing orders and issuing checks • Payment of pension in advance - valid only for pensioners • Good morning savings • Monthly current account statement • SMS service • Contact center services • Advisor in the branch • Buying and selling EUR at a preferential exchange rate* * for executing exchange transactions via electronic banking for the amounts: 14,999 EUR or 17,000 CHF and 19,000 USD per day In case you are interested in our other packages, see: -Start Plus account -Elite account You can also find out about the allowed minus.
Are you a client of AIK Bank but do not have a Start package? Send us an inquiry, and our advisors will contact you shortly

Electronic and mobile banking

Bank 24/7 (availability of credit and savings products online)
A more favorable exchange rate online
More favorable interest rates for online savings in EUR
Paying bills, other non-cash payments and transferring funds between accounts
You have a good start, but you want a plus to be safe on your travels and always have extra funds in your account?
Check out our Start Plus package.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a package account?

A package account is a set of products and services connected to a current (payment) account with a defined monthly fee. The fee is lower than the price you would otherwise pay for using all or part of those products and services outside the package.

Why AIK Start package?

You give a little for this package and it offers you a lot. Because it’s tailored to the user’s requirements. Because it saves you a trip to the Bank and you finish a transaction quickly and efficiently with no queuing. Because it is innovative, up-to-date and versatile. Because we use it too.

Who is AIK Start package intended for?

Employed persons, pensioners as well as students. We have managed to include in a single package a set of services and products you may use if you like, with no obligation, while benefiting even from their minimum use. And here is how: Start A costs RSD 250 per month. Outside the package:

  • The payment (current) account is RSD 250 per month
  • The debit card outside the package is RSD 100 per month
  • Issuance of one cheque is RSD 10
  • The fee for the service “Advance payment of pension” outside the package is 50 RSD

Overall, minimum RSD 300 per month

Are all products and services within AIK Start Package included in the price at no additional cost?

The issuance of all the above listed products and services is included in the price at no additional cost. The conditions of using credit products, debit cards and other services are defined in detail in our Tariffs

Do I get an insurance policy with the package account?

If you choose AIK START AC or AIK START ABC, travel with no worries because you can take the Travel Health Insurance Policy.

How do I know which package is the best for me?

Before actually opening the account, write all your requirements regarding private finance management. Explain to the bank consultant what you need and he/she will recommend the best package meeting all your requirements.

What do I need to open the current account and how much does it cost?

To open the current account, you need only your valid identity card. There is no charge for opening the account.

Who can hold a current account?

A current account holder may be anyone with an identity card of the Republic of Serbia. An account holder may have regular earnings, but not necessarily. When opening an account, a bank file is opened for the client, whereas the client signs the Agreement on Opening and Maintaining the Current Account.