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Apart from saving time and money, the electronic banking service of offers you the following at any moment: 

Possibility to pay bills and transfer RSD funds to accounts of private individuals and legal entities

Information about the account balance and turnover, loans and cards

Foreign exchange transactions at the Bank’s preferential rate

Downloading monthly current account statements

Internal transfer of funds between your own RSD accounts

Internal transfer of funds between your own foreign currency accounts

Information about uncleared cheques

Exchange rate list

Security check of transactions made by private individuals is performed by double identity recognition through entering the user name/password and confirmation of every transaction by a code received in an SMS message to the mobile phone number supplied to AIK Banka by the client. After three failed access attempts (wrongly entered user name or password), the application will be automatically blocked for a period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate the mobile banking app?

In case you don’t use electronic banking, a new version of mBanking app allows you to activate it on your own in a quick and simple manner. You may apply for the mBanking service at the nearest Bank branch. Afterwards you will be sent a PIN in a SMS message. Activate your mBanking with your PIN and account number in only 3 simple steps – quickly, easily and on your own.

What code do I need to enter when transferring money to a private individual’s account?

For general-type payments, including transfers to a private individual’s account, you may use the code 289 that refers to “transactions by citizen’s order”. For other payments find the information in the code book of financial transactions.

Can I cancel an order if I have made a mistake?

If the order has not been processed yet, you can cancel it on your own from the application. If the order has already been processed, you need to ask the Bank for its cancellation in an appropriate cancellation form.

Why is the Token app important in AIK Banka’s mBanking application?

Because you can become the user of mBanking in a quick and simple manner. After you activate the Token on your own, your login will become easy and the verification of payment orders will be even easier, while using the application will be easiest experience ever. We guarantee secure login and transaction performance and offer a new functionality of agreement with the contractual documentation. Working in the application is secured by mPIN, which serves for secure data exchange with the Bank and you are the only one who knows it because you create it on your own in the Token activation process.

How to become a user of the electronic banking app?

How to become a user of the electronic banking app? By submitting the application form and signing the electronic banking agreement at the nearest AIK Banka branch you will receive a SMS message containing PIN (personal identification number) necessary for service activation. After receiving the PIN, create your user account on the application page ( and define the user name and password to be used in the future.

I have transferred my money to someone through the eBanking/mBanking apps; when will that money be in his/her account?

If you have the accounts in the same bank, money will be immediately available. If you have the accounts in different banks and if you have opted for instant payment, money will be available within a few seconds. If you have the accounts in different banks and if you haven’t opted for instant payment, money will be available within a few hours.

What is the difference between eBanking and mBanking?

Both options offer you almost identical functionalities: the eBanking app is intended for desktop or laptop computers, while the mBanking app is intended for smart mobile phones and tablet devices, giving you the opportunity to manage your finances even when you are on the move.