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5 reasons why the agriculture sector banks with us
We’re dedicated

Finance consultants are always prepared to understand our clients’ modern business needs

We’re flexible

Tailor-made facilities which suit every business model of our clients

We know how

Our longstanding presence in Serbian agribusiness has provided us with required experience so that we can offer the full range of products for modern agribusiness

You’re in our focus

We’re client-centric

in person and on click

Access to services is possible at our branch network or online

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Account and good service
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Guarantee scheme
AIK Banka is part of the Government of Serbia programme because we wish to provide to our clients to maintain more easily their liquidity levels and absorb negative economic and financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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The world of banking, closer to you
IPARD incentives – when and can I get funding for the purpose of implementing IPARD projects?

Major support to Serbian agriculture is provided by IPARD funds, aimed at improving life in the village and ensuring the wellbeing of rural populations.

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What are the best sources of funding I could use to invest in agricultural production?

Agriculture is undoubtedly the most vital branch of Serbian economy.

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Does the Bank support investments in agricultural holdings?

Anything that you may think of, anything that is necessary for starting and improving your agribusiness will be made possible by investment loans you can apply for in the Bank.

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