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Documentary business

Upon your request we can issue: payable guarantees, performance bonds, letters of intent, letters of credit (L/C)

Guarantees – The Bank guarantees for you

You’re in the business of import, project design, construction, sales… You need support, your partner needs to see you have support so that he’s certain all your liabilities will be settled upon first demand – a bank guarantee is the solution for you. The guarantee is a collateral instrument whose role is to secure payments or performance of contractually agreed obligations. With guarantees, the Bank guarantees that the issuee will settle all liabilities towards beneficiary and within deadlines indicated in the guarantee. The amount of guarantee depends on your specific requests and your creditworthiness. Main types of guarantees which we issue are payable guarantees: to secure a loan, to secure payment of goods and services and performance guarantees: bid bonds, performance bonds, advance payment guarantees, and customs guarantees.

Letter of credit – For a good image of your business abroad

You have international clients, and you need your bank’s support in international transactions? The letter of credit, as a payment instrument and security instrument, is the right solution for you. The documentary letter of credit is the Bank’s obligation to pay to the vendor of goods or services a certain amount within a certain deadline, upon presentation of relevant documents which confirm that relevant goods were taken in accordance with conditions indicated in the letter of credit. The documentary letter of credit may be opened upon the instructions of a local buyer in favour of a vendor abroad (nostro) but it is also possible for a buyer abroad to open a letter of credit in favour of a local vendor (loro). It is important that you obtain information whether specific letter of credit, which is to be opened, should be covered or uncovered. Letter of credit amount approved by the Bank depends on your requests and your creditworthiness.

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Discounted bills of exchange with recourse – Get your money before maturity

Discounted bills of exchange are a type of short-term lending which provides the possibility to quickly and efficiently, before maturity indicated in the bill of exchange, obtain liquidity necessary for your current operations. With this solution, we allow you a recourse, i.e., possibility of payment under bills of exchange before they become due. The Bank accepts discounted bills of exchange issued by companies with adequate creditworthiness, which are endorsed to the Bank, with full endorsement.

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