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With small business needs in mind, we have created the AIK Banka package account

for legal entities and entrepreneurs which provide you what you need the most in your everyday operations.

Select the Package account you prefer, and once we get to know each other better, we’ll suggest additional services depending on your business needs

Our recommendation

AIK biznis plus
Mesečno održavanje

Monthly fee RSD 400.00

RSD transaction account

Foreign currency account

eBanking Web

Debit MasterCard Business card and DinaCard

Add-on MasterCard Business card and DinaCard

SMS service – notifications about account balance, incoming payments

Statements (emailed, faxed, via mail or presented in person)

Overdraft for accounts included in the payment system

RSD or foreign currency account along with Web eBanking

is the ideal combination for all companies which wish to always keep under control their local and international business and to manage it easily.

International payment transactions, without having to come to the bank

Besides payment transactions in the country, you are allowed to execute international payments, and you can do all this electronically through our web app.

Accessing and managing your finances from the comfort of your office

Without having to queue, you’ll save a lot of time and be able to see all transactions and when they were executed: payments, transfers, exchange rates, overview of currently used products and so much more.

With debit cards, you and a person you’ve authorised

can make contactless payments 24/7 and have your funds available at all times.

Depositing daily takings 24/7

From now on, you may deposit your daily takings at AIK Banka’s 24/7 Zones, without having to queue in front of a smart cash deposit machine

You don’t have to think about your regular dues

And you can also use the standing order to transfer your dues to us.

Frequently asked questions

What is the package account?

The package account is a set of products and services which are connected to the current (transaction) account, at a defined monthly fee, which is lower than the cost you’d have to pay for utilising all or part of those products and services outside the package.

Who is the AIK Business package account intended for?

The AIK Business package account has been crated for all legal entities and entrepreneurs that wish to do business in a fast and simple manner, using the basic functionalities of premium-quality banking services at the most favourable prices. With this package account, we’ve made it possible for you to have in one place a set of services and products required by all legal entities and entrepreneurs in the regular course of their business activities, such as: - basic transaction account in which you will receive funds or pay your company’s liabilities; - account statements, which may be provided both at the Bank’s counter as well as in the electronic form; - notification about incoming payments, through an SMS message; - the debit card allows you to use funds without having to come to the Bank and also to make payments at points of sale (POS terminals).

Does the AIK Business package fee include all products and services? Are there any other charges?

All of the listed products and services are included in the fee and no other fees are charged. Terms and conditions for the utilisation of the payment system, lending products and other services are shown in detail in our Tariffs