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Business Mastercard

Your money’s at your disposal 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, in the country and abroad

The business card for legal entities and entrepreneurs is connected to the dinar account and allows you to

Make payments and withdraw cash in the country and abroad at a large number of POS terminals and ATMs

Keep precise records and control of your employees’ spendings. You may have an add-on card issued for your employees you wish to authorise under the cards. But you can also define a monthly spending limit for the add-on card.

Make payments and withdraw cash in the country and abroad at a large number of POS terminals and ATMs

Effect online transactions with maximum security. With the 3D Secure service, we provide additional security for online card transactions

Make contactless payments, without having to enter your PIN for amounts of up to RSD 4,000 at all points of sale in the country which bear the MasterCard logo

With your Business debit card, you can access a new AIK Banka service: Smart cash deposit machine, for depositing daily takings of legal entities and entrepreneurs. Without queuing Without filling out transfer orders Daily takings may be deposited on multiple locations and managed through the TRANSACTION CODE option Up to 500 banknotes whose total value is up to RSD 300,000 To deposit daily takings, business debit card authorisation is required
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Major advantages of online stores compared to traditional purchases

Safe online shopping with MasterCard cards

If you want to make a card payment at online stores with the MasterCard Secure Code indication, the client is able to make an online payment with the help of a one-time-password, which is an advanced method of security. The internet transaction password is sent in a text message to the mobile phone number already registered for the Card Alert SMS service (notification of authorisation). Update your mobile phone number to which you’ll receive text messages with a one-time password for the execution of online transaction.

SMS notification service 

The SMS notification service is the service of providing information about executed transactions. It adds higher security when you use your cards. You’ll be sent an SMS message every time a card transaction is executed.

DinaCard debit
is a business debit card for legal entities. It can be used in the country to pay for goods and services at POS terminals, withdrawals cash at bank cash desks and to withdraw cash at ATMs, in line with regulations governing cash operations, at locations showing the DINA logo. Such transactions can be made up to the amount of funds available in the account. All DinaCard debit card payments in Serbia are made free of charge, without additional costs.
Additional liquidity close at hand
MasterCard Business credit card is intended for legal entities and entrepreneurs that keep accounts with AIK Banka. It allows cardholders to have access to additional funds, up to the amount of approved limit.

    It can be used at points of sale and ATMs worldwide, which show the MasterCard logo. They’re safer than carrying cash. They can be used to pay for goods and services (expenses, business travel expenses, etc.), to withdraw cash in the country and abroad and also for online payments (hotel booking, buying plane tickets, etc.)

    Fixed interest rate

    The cardholder chooses his/her on model of repayment – charge or revolving

Charge option

The cardholder may the full amount of spending during the current month until 15th of the following month. If the full amount is paid, no interest will be accrued.

Revolving option

If the cardholder doesn’t pay the full amount of spending, then repayments are made as percentage of debt - 10%, 25% i 100%, minimum RSD 10,000*